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The Best Zipline Harnesses

Last Updated on December 28, 2020

Best Zipline Harness Quick List

When you’re on a zipline suspended above the ground, it’s no time to worry if you bought a cheap zipline harness.  Spend the money and buy a good quality zipline harness for adults and kids.

Fusion Climb Roar Maximum Comfort Full Body Zipline Hammock Harness

The ROAR Harness is light weight, only 4 lbs and designed for maximum overall comfort on long zip line rides creating a smooth and enjoyable excursion. This ergonomically designed harness is supported with a seat style harness, that is fully padded throughout with 3D EVA mesh contour foam padding the back and supporting the lumbar area, with wide padded leg loops providing comfort on extended rides.

– Fusion Roar Full Body Zipline Harness.
– Designed for maximum comfort on long zip line rides
– Contour padded foam plus moisture-wicking material, Multiple adjustment points
– Presto quick-release buckles for easy on/off, Gear loops
– Made in USA

Fusion Climb Streak Racer Pro Full Body Padded Zipline H Style Harness

Another excellent choice from Fusion Climb, the Streak Racer Pro is a full body zipline harness that is less expensive than our top pick but still great quality.

– Multiple fast-pass steel adjustable buckles on the chest and leg straps.
– One gear loop on the side waist.
– One reinforced belay loop on front waist.
– Steel D-ring on the back and padded leg straps.
– Made in USA.

Fusion Climb Tac Padded Heavy Duty Adjustable Zipline Harness

Another excellent harness from Fusion Climb, this is a climber’s harness that can be multi-use and used on a zipline.

– Inner 3D EVA Foam padded back with ridges to help keep the user cool and comfortable along with replaceable flat foam shoulder pads
– Six points of connection and the aluminum D-ring in the back allowing for free movement and pivoting while in a suspended position
– Contour of this harness follows wherever the user’s weight is placed throughout
– Two gear loops in back and one steel delta quick link on the waist, five-points of adjustability – Heavy duty leg/chest straps made of 5,000 lb rated nylon webbing
– Featuring plated hardware for corrosion resistance, forged hardware parts, with one D-ring on the chest, and positioning and restraint D-rings on each side
– Proudly made in USA

Fusion Climb Super Ripper Head First Zipline Harness

If you are looking for a head first zipline harness, this should be your top pick.  The Super Ripper gives the feeling a flying head first down a zip line yet straps you down and keeps you safe.

-Easy to put on and take off with use of Presto™ quick-release steel buckles
-Made of durable denier 900 fabric for outdoor use
-Designed with water resistant nylon lining • Webbing rated to 5,000 lb
-Can be purchased with or without the rigging plate and carabiners
-Durable nylon bonded T131 stitching and high quality craftsmanship
-Hardware rated to at least 5,000 lb
-Sizes: M-XL
-Made in the USA

Petzl Professional Zipline Harness System for Kids

Includes the Petzl Simba harness, aull body adjustable harness for children less than 90 pounds.  Because small children do not have well-defined hips for a waistbelt to latch onto, the full body design is necessary for safety.  Lanyards attach with a simple larks head hitch to the harness. They are also double stitched with plastic covering. Lanyard minimum breaking strength is 3375 lbs on each leg. The carabiner is designed for single handed use and easy manipulation when passing intermediate anchors. The keylock system prevents unexpected snagging. The Petzl Trac Zip Line pulley has a single row of ball bearings for smooth operation. The simple design ensure easy manipulation and lowers the risk of pinched fingers. Full body adjustable harness for children can also be used on rope. Helmets may vary in color.

– 18 inch lanyard
– 24 inch Y safety lanyard
– 3 total auto locking carabiners
– 1 Zip Line Pro pulley and 1 Zip Line child’s harness