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The Best SUV Camping Tent

A SUV camping tent attachment offers a variety of benefits and we recommend anyone interested in SUV camping to consider them.  The first benefit of camping with a SUV camping tent is protection and safety.  These tents offer the immediate safety of your vehicle from dangerous weather or large animals that are present in many camping locations.  An additional benefit of having a tent attachment for your SUV is additional camping tent space.  The cargo area of your SUV can be used as extra storage for clothing, food, or camping supplies and can easily be accessed from inside your tent.  The tent attachments we recommend offer the ability to detach your vehicle at any time, leaving the tent still standing, so that you can use your vehicle to drive around.

The Best SUV Tent Options for Camping

Napier SUV Tents

Napier offers some of the best camping tents that attach to SUVs. These tents quickly transform your SUV into a camping tent by simply attaching the universal vehicle sleeve. The tents also easily convert back into a standard ground tent by removing the vehicle sleeve by simply unzipping it from the tent. 

The Napier SUV tents feature a universal vehicle sleeve that fits all SUV, CUV, and hatchback models for a custom fit. Models from brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Honda, Subaru, Dodge, Ford, and Kia are included. The tent connects to the cargo area of your vehicle, creating additional sleeping or storage space.  Additional features include: Spacious ground tent with great headroom; sleeps a large number of guests. Transforms into a standard ground tent by fully removing the vehicle sleeve; exclusive to Napier’s SUV tents. Full rainfly and built-in storm flaps (windows and door) provide ultimate weather protection and privacy. Optional awning for added shade and living space. Large doors, mesh windows and overhead skylights offer optimal ventilation. Keep organized with an internal gear loft, 2 gear pockets and a built-in lantern holder.

Napier also offers a SUV tent with an optional screen room for extra space to store camping gear or food, eat and cook without bugs, or sleeping space for pets.

If you are looking for tents that attach to your SUV and are thinking of using a tent for the back of your SUV or with a SUV tailgate, the Napier SUV Tents are one of the best options you can choose from. Read All Customer Reviews on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Righline Gear SUV Tent

Righline Gear SUV and Minivan Camping TentThe Rightline Gear SUV Tent is another great option for a tent that attaches to a SUV. Rightline Gear explains on their website that “The adjustable nature of the vehicle sleeve allows the tent to connect to the back of any SUV, minivan, crossover, wagon, Jeep Wrangler hard top, or pick-up truck with cap, with or without a roof rack. The tent works for vehicles with a rear hatch door or rear barn doors.”

The SUV Tent is outfitted with 2 gear pockets, a lantern hanging hook, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, and a PE bathtub floor. The tent has no-see-um mesh windows and doors with storm covers that can be closed for privacy.  Special attention has been paid to achieve a highly water resistant design including water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams.  Dimensions are 8’ W x 8’ L x 7.2’ H. Easy access to vehicle power receptacles. The tent sleeps 4 adults and depending on size, your vehicle cargo area usually sleeps 2 adults. The entire tent package includes: tent, rainfly, stakes, and carry bag with sewn-in set up guide.

All in all the Rightline Gear SUV tent works great for SUV camping and should be consider as an option. Read All Customer Reviews on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Important Considerations for Tents that Attach to SUVs

Check to see if your SUV turns off the lights automatically after a certain time so you don’t kill your battery. Do a test before camping by leaving a door or tailgate open and see if the lights turn off automatically. Many newer vehicles have this features so that a door or tailgate left open won’t drain the battery. If your vehicle doesn’t have this feature, learn how to pull the fuse or the bulbs so you don’t drain the battery while camping in the back of your SUV with the tailgate or rear door open.