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The Best Canvas Wall Tents

Last Updated on August 10, 2020

Canvas wall tents for camping are some of the largest camping tents for sale. When looking for the best canvas wall tents, it is important to understand when a canvas wall tent is the best option for your needs. Canvas wall tents are the best option for campers who plan extended camping trips and looking for a huge amount of space. With a canvas wall tent, you typically get a larger tent with more headroom and standing room.  These canvas tents are used mainly for hunting and fishing trips, or extended use trips and can be used all year long when combined with a tent heater or tent stove.

White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

The Alpha Wall Tent from White Duck Outdoors is an excellent choice for a canvas wall tent.  The tent is offered in 2 sizes:  10′ x 12′ and a large 16′ x 20′.  The Alpha Wall tent uses Grade-A premium Double Fill “Army Duck Canvas” using weightless WR (Water + Mildew) treatment and maintaining the natural breathability of 100% cotton using their proprietary brand of Canvas DYNAGUARD!  Side walls are 5’ high and Center Peak height at 8’.5” (9’ in size 16’x20’) to make a spacious unobstructed space inside the tent.  Using a Silicone based chemical allows White Duck canvas to achieve much higher water repellency as opposed to the traditional wax treatment which adds extra weight and inconsistent water repellency.

This canvas tent is tough, weatherproof, heavy duty, warm and a great value – it’s manufactured by a company with a great reputation that stands behind their products in White Duck Outdoors.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Tent includes the complete tent with Aluminum Frame, Rafter Angle Kit/Couplers and Free Floating PVC floor.
  • Wall Skirting – Each tent features a mud flap that is sewn onto the tent ground seam at the bottom of the tent and extends beyond the tent floor. Tent Wall skirting is made from weatherproof, high UV resistant, heavy duty 16 oz. Polyvinyl for a weather tight seal and to soil it down from all the elements.
  • Ground Sheet – Heavy duty Poly Vinyl High Density Coated 16 oz. Groundsheet to fit tent and keep the elements out.
  • Stove Compatibility – The tent includes 5” oval heat resistant silicon coated Stove Jack opening with a weather flap allowing for a 5” round pipe to fit perfectly with the pitch of the roof.
  • Integrated Mesh Door & Windows – Our tents have standard bug mesh door and windows made from high quality PVC Dipped UV Resistant No-See-Um Mesh to protect you from bugs and critters.
  • Windows – Tent has durable 3-layer storm, large triangular distinctive windows for letting in natural light without losing the heat from your stove, better ventilation and clear views.
  • Pro Guy Lines & Tensioners – Complete with Polyester UV resistant 8 mm Dura rope, proprietary elasticated shock absorber 5 mm bungee cord system and triangular metal rope tension adjusters that keeps the tent guy points (highest stress point) with extra play in heavy winds.
  • Frame – The tent comes with Frame Modular Poles which are constructed of a 1.181” (30 mm) diameter anodized aluminum. The aluminum is extruded to be of a consistent .079″ (2 mm) thickness.
  • Pegs & Pins – The tent comes with 14” long solid steel V-shaped pegs of 3 mm (1/8”) thickness, 11” long pins of 6 mm (15/64”) thickness to secure your tent to the ground.

Additional Accessories:  Front Porch for the Alpha Wall Tent    Adds a 7.5′ Covered Area to the Front of the Tent

The Colorado Canvas Wall Tent

The Colorado Wall Tent from the Denver Tent Company is their flagship canvas wall tent.  All sizes feature a Standard and Deluxe model and various flame resistance and water proofing combinations. The Colorado Wall tent uses Marine Grade Boat Shrunk Sunforger, which is a treatment to resist mold/mildew.  Options for canvas include 10.10 or 12.63 oz Army Duck Canvas as well as a 10.10 or 12.63 oz Army Duck Canvas Flame Retardant Canvas.

The Colorado Wall Tent is a favorite for hunting, outfitting and anyone wanting a reliable and comfortable base camp.  All tents are manufactured with skilled craftsman and each frame is also custom built.  If you are looking for a high quality canvas wall tent, consider the Denver Tent company’s Colorado Wall Tent, it’s a solid choice that will last many years.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Ridge pole opening with #10 YKK zipper closure
  • Reinforced corners and seams
  • 3-way vertical zipper door with Nickel Fireman’s snap
  • D-ring closure and weatherflap
  • Marine-grade, Sunforger, Grade A 10.10 oz. Army Duck Fire Resistant canvas
  • 9″ 18 oz Heavy Duty Vinyl Sod Cloth
  • Double Spur Grommets at each seam
  • 5” Fiberglass Stove Pipe Shield standard in all FR Fabric treated tents
  • High End Polyvinyl Self-Sealing Thread

Montana Canvas 12′ x 14′ Wall Tent

The Traditional 10 oz Canvas Wall Tent from Montana Canvas is another excellent choice for a canvas wall tent.  Montana Canvas use only grade-A, 10 oz. cotton duck treated canvas.   The canvas is treated in the USA and provides maximum protection from the elements and includes additional mildew inhibitors to protect the natural canvas. The canvas is fire-retardant meeting the California Marshall fire specifications.

Like our other options above, this canvas tent is tough, weatherproof, heavy duty, warm.  Montana Canvas has a great reputation and you should consider this tent if you are looking for a canvas wall tent that will last for years.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Stove jack with a weather flap comes in a 5” oval allowing for a 5” round pipe to fit perfectly with the pitch of the roof. This stove jack is designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures associated with the use of a single wall stove pipe.
  • Tent has one screened window located in the back wall of the tent. Screened window is 24”T x 30”W and features No See Um mesh to keep out the smallest of insects. Window can be fully closed from the inside of the tent featuring a #5 YKK zipper.
  • The tent features a full length internal ridge pole reinforcement on the tent body with additional reinforcement at the gable ends. This allows for years of heavy use when using a lodgepole wood frame. Sewn in storm flaps allow you to close off the gable ends if you are using the Montana Canvas internal frame.
  • The tent eaves are constructed of a double layer of canvas which is double stitched.
  • Sidewall are a standard full five feet in height.
  • The doors open up to a 7’6″ height and feature a heavy duty trouble-free YKK zipper. Tent doors can easily be secured open with webbing and side release buckles. Tent door features a generous weather flap that is secured by easy to use side release buckles.
  • The ground seam at the bottom of the tent is reinforced with webbing and utilizes heavy duty brass grommets to allow you to stake your tent from the inside or outside.
  • Each tent features a sod cloth that is sewn onto the tent ground seam at the bottom of the tent and extends a generous 12″ beyond the tent floor to provide a weather-tight seal. Compatible with any terrain and weather condition, the sod cloth can be folded inside or extended outside the assembled tent.
  • Tent features 12” steel stakes to secure your tent to the ground.
  • Each wall tent comes complete with 200’ of ¼” black polyester rope, rope slips (tension adjusters), and a tent storage bag.

Trek Tents Canvas Wall Tent

This canvas wall tent is offered in 2 sizes:  9′ x 12′ and a large 10′ x 14′.  The Trek Tents uses a good quality 100% cotton fabric for walls and roof and a heavy duty vinyl-coated canvas floor for long wear.  Included is a 1” diameter powder coated steel frame.

This tent lacks a stove jack, so if you will camp in winter, we recommend using a camping tent heater.  See our Best Camping Tent Heater for our recommended options.

Other Key Features Include:Chain-linked poles for easy set-up
• Side walls are 5′ tall and then hit the roof to slope up to 7’6″
• Center ridge has sleeve pole tunnel for “no-sag” appearance
• Three extra large screen windows with inside zip storm flaps
• Wide front screen door with zip rain flaps
• Screens are No-See-Um mesh
• Interior sewn-in pockets for storage
• Meets CPAI – 84 fire retardant regulations
• Tent includes stakes, storage bag, and instructions

Guide Gear 10’x12′ Canvas Wall Tent

The Guide Gear 10′ x 12′ Canvas Wall Tent is an option if you’re looking for one of the less expensive canvas tents for sale.  This tent come only with the tent giving you the flexibility to buy or make your own floor and frame.

Key Features:  Heavy-duty 10-oz. weather-treated canvas; 5″ Stove jack opening 24″ from wall; 11.5″ sod cloth prevents damp floors; Thick 10-oz. canvas walls and roof; Weather and mildew-resistant treated canvas is also fire retardant; Reinforced corners and stress points for added strength; 17″ x 23″ rear window with zipper and grip-strip closure; 3.5″ x 15″ front and rear peak vents with awning increase air circulation; 8’3″ roof peak; 5′ side walls; 7’2″ door height; Includes 12″ plastic stakes and tie-down ropes with tension adjustments.

If you’d like to buy the frame as well, you can use our bundle below.

Additional Accessory: Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent Floor

Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent and Frame

Guide Gear 10x12' Canvas Wall Tent, Frame Not Included
Guide Gear 10' x 12' Wall Tent Aluminum Frame
Was $954.98
Buy together now for $844.98
You Save $110.00 (12%)

Important Considerations for Canvas Wall Tents

Canvas tents perform throughout all seasons. Canvas is not only breathable, but it takes more time to heat up than synthetics. In the winter, canvas tents can be heated within and maintain temperatures better than thinner synthetic materials. Of course, with their larger size and heavier material, canvas tents take up much more room and are heavier to transport. In addition, they require more maintenance, but if maintained well, they last for years and can even be repaired with a standard thread and needle.

Material – The tents listed above are manufactured from either Cotton Canvas or Army Duck Canvas.  Both are a woven cotton fabric.  However, Army Duck Canvas has a much higher thread count, making it smoother to the touch.  Army Duck Canvas has a much tighter weave as well, lending to it’s better water repellent characteristics.

Treatments – You will see many canvas tents listed as flame or fire resistant.  In addition, some might be listed as flame or fire retardant.  Many will be labelled FRFR and Fire Water Repellent Canvas fabrics meet CPAI 84 requirements for tents.  The difference is how the material melts when exposed to fire and at what point the material will self-extinguish.  Many states have rules and regulations so it’s important to understand what your local laws require.  Do not try and apply treatment to a canvas tent after manufacture, it will clog the thread spaces and make the tent much less breathable.

  • Fire-resistant and flame-resistant products are designed to be nonflammable at a chemical level, and to self-extinguish without melting or dripping when directly exposed to extreme heat.
  • Fire-retardant and flame-retardant materials have been chemically treated to slow ignition, burning, or actually self-extinguish when exposed to an open flame. The original material must be chemically treated to retard the spread of flames.

White Duck explains the Treatment as the following:

FR finish must comply with the code; CPAI 84.
We strongly recommend to purchase Fire Retardant tents as wall tents are used for extended period of time where stoves for cooking and heaters/AC units are used inside the tent. In order to prevent the tent catching fire, always opt for Fire Water Repellent fabric option. Please keep in mind that the tent is not fireproof and may burn if it is exposed to the flame source for long. Fire resistant canvas will burn as long as flame touches the canvas, but will not burn if external flame is removed. Fire retardant does not prevent sparks from smoke stack from burning “pin holes” in the canvas.

Comfort – If you are looking at canvas tents, you are most likely considering large, long use tents. Your comfort is going to be important at the end of a long day of hunting or hiking especially in bad weather conditions. Most tents are sized to how many standard adults the tent will fit, not including gear and certainly not taking into account extra space for taller or larger-bodied campers. If you want extra space, choose a tent with an extra 1 person capacity. Also consider the number of vestibules and their size to store all your gear outside of the tent while still being protected from the elements.

Durability – Durability goes hand in hand with value and quality. All of our top canvas tents are manufactured by companies who stand behind their products. They provide quality canvas tents built to last. Choosing the right tent to match camping conditions and where you camp are extremely important to the life of the tent. In addition, using proper footprints and understanding that basic tears and holes are easier than ever to repair, will go a long way to extend tent lifespans.

Airflow and Ventilation – You’ll know it when you wake up inside a poorly ventilated tent. Condensation will collect overnight and you’ll wake up to damp and soggy sleeping bags and clothing. Not a nice way to begin the day. When you exhale while sleeping, your breath is giving off about 1 liter of water. For every other person you are dealing with extra liters of water each night. That water vapor needs to go somewhere otherwise it stays trapped inside the tent and can soak gear. Ventilation is an important aspect of a good quality tent so all of the canvas tents on our list provide excellent ventilation. Airflow is more important when facing hot and humid temperatures. Again, we have only picked canvas tents with good quality materials to provide maximum airflow so the tents can be used in a variety of temperature conditions.

Weather Performance – All of the canvas tents on our list were designed to perform well in most weather conditions, keeping you safe, dry and warm. They provide protection against rain, wind and blowing dust, provide airflow in hot weather, and will do quite well when night time temperatures get colder. If you are considering a canvas tent for winter camping, choose a tent with a stove jack from our list so you can camp with a stove to warm the tent.

Heating – We offer an article on the best tent heater. We also have an article on the best tent stoves.

Canvas Tent Maintenance and Waterproofing

Standard Maintenance – We recommend the following when caring for your canvas tent:

  • Keep a Canvas Tent Repair Kit on Hand.
  • Try to clean and dry your canvas tent as much as possible at the campsite before packing it up.
  • If you can, wash the canvas as much as possible at the campsite with water and let dry.
  • Never pack a wet canvas tent away. Mold will destroy the natural fabrics in canvas.
  • If you see mold or mildew, wash it completely and let dry. Avoid using any detergents or harsh cleaners as they can damage the fabric.
  • If you cannot let it dry completely, hang it or set it up completely when you return home to let it dry.
  • If it is still raining when you return home, setup the canvas tent in the rain and leave it up until it has a chance to fully dry.
  • Avoid setting it up on asphalt or concrete, as these can cause mold and insect infestations.

Canvas Tent Waterproofing – All of the canvas tents on our list are prepared immediately to be used in the rain. In addition to the natural water resistance that canvas offers, they all have been treated with waterproofing processes. If you keep your tent for years, you will need to re-waterproof. We have written a tent waterproofing article for standard tents but most techniques and products in the article will also work for canvas tent waterproofing.