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The Best Pop Up Camper Mattress

Last Updated on November 24, 2020

Best Pop Up Camper Mattress Quick List

A Pop Up camper mattress for Campers are a specialty in the mattress industry.  Our top picks will deliver a great night’s sleep or a comfortable rest no matter where you are.  Most Pop Up campers can accommodate a mattress that is between 5″ and 7″ thick.  be sure to measure so you can make sure your camper will still close with your new mattress.

American Road Dream Cool Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress

The American Road Dream mattress is designed for those campers on the road for days at a time. Made with 4 pound density Memory Foam, this mattress provides a restful, comfortable night’s sleep after a long day. The mattress has incorporated top quality density Memory Foam with an internal layer of soft foam and a firm foam base to bring you both comfort and support in one superior camper mattress.

– Top responsive memory foam layer is infused with liquid gel for a cooler sleep experience designed to wick heat away from body and regulate temperature.
– Multiple layers of responsive, supportive and firm foams create a perfect balance of comfort and support for optimum pressure point relief.
– Hypo-allergenic, anti bacterial, zippered nylon cover is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Dual Duty Dual Sided Firm/Soft Foam RV Mattress

Comfort is easily adjusted by flipping this camper mattress over and selecting the soft or firm side. The Dual duty is a 6″ combination of soft, medium and firm foams which transforms into an amazing camper mattress. The core of the Dual Duty is firm foam which provides the support of the mattress, while the dual sides consist of a medium-firm foam for those who prefer firmer supported rests and a soft conforming side for a soft sleeping surface. This is the perfect camper mattress for those who need variety: simply flip this mattress to whichever side you or your guest prefers for the night.

Mobile InnerSpace TC Camper Mattress

A great mid-priced camper mattress option.  Mobile InnerSpace specializes in camper mattresses and sleeping accessories so you know you are getting a good mattress made by a great company.

– 5.5-Inch high-density polyurethane foam
– Designed with you in mind. Lighter than traditional mattresses For ease of handling
– Expands to 90% of full size in 30 minutes and 100% in 48 hours
– Reversible with quilted Top, bottom, and sides
– Motor Vehicle Use Only

Big Trucker RV Mattress

With extra comfort and support, the Big Trucker was designed with the larger camper in mind. With a full 7 inches of the highest quality foam on the road, this mattress will not flatten out. This RV sleeper mattress is constructed with a soft foam top layered over medium-firm density foam. The bottom layer is extra firm, making this combination a winner for total comfort and support.

– Luxurious mink stretch cover is breathable and easy to clean. Covered zipper makes it easy to remove or replace if necessary.
– Multiple layers of responsive, supportive and firm foams create a perfect balance of comfort and support for optimum pressure point relief.
– Breathable lower grip fabric keeps your camper mattress in place no matter how bumpy the ride is.

RV Premier Cool Gel Memory Foam Camper Mattress

At 8″ thick, this might be too thick for your pop up camper but if you can fit it, definitely consider it.  Available in a number of sizes, including queen camper, our top pick camper mattress is the Cool Gel Memory Foam: Evenly distributes body weight, infused liquid gel for a cooler sleep experience wicks heat away from body, Reduces foam cradling that results in heat build up, Plush, luxurious, consistent feel in all climates, Unbeatable comfort and support plus cooling.. Also contains a medium firm core to promote comfort throughout the mattress. Uniquely designed to last longer than a traditional innerspring mattress.

– This Premium 8″ high camper mattress is engineered with 3 layers of foam for optimal comfort and support.
– The lofted quilt top covers a 2” layer of Cool Gel Memory Foam which creates a total cloud of comfort.
– The soft middle layer provides additional support and comfort. Firm bottom layer provides extra height, for ease getting in and out of the bunk, and firm seating. Base layer is also cloth covered to prevent shift during motion.