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The Best Hammock Tent for Camping

A camping hammock tent is much different than just a typical hammock that you sling between 2 trees. In order to camp or backpack with a hammock tent, you’ll need a complete setup that includes a rain fly and bug net. For that reason, we recommend looking at a tent hammock combo, especially if you are considering buying a hammock tent for occasional use or are new to camping hammock tents. Yes, you can put together your own DIY system, but until you familiarize yourself with exactly what you need, our recommended complete set-ups represent very good values in camping hammock tents. We have researched all the options and recommend the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock as your best option.

Top Pick: Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
Lawson Hammocks - Sports
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In addition to the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, we have identified some other camping hammock tents that we feel you should consider. We have included a backpacking hammock tent, an ultralight backpacking hammock tent option, a 2 person camping hammock tent. as well as a 4-season, all weather option.

The Best Camping Hammock Tents

Our Best Rated Camping Hammock Tent

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Lawson Camping Hammock TentWeight: 4 lbs. 4 oz.
Height Limit: 6 ft. 3″
Capacity: 275 lbs.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Shelter System is the best value for camping hammock tents and should be your top pick especially if you’re looking for an entry-level camping hammock tent. There are many options to choose from on our list, but when you combine price with quality it comes out on top.

Lawson Hammock describes the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock: “The patented design allows for use suspended, as a hammock, or on the ground, as a tent, greatly increasing camping terrain options that are often limited by the type of shelter you’re using. The spreader bar and arch pole system also keep the bed of the hammock flatter and more taut, eliminating much of the uncomfortable “cocoon” and “banana” effect created by most hammocks.”

The hammock has an attached bug net which allows for a lot of room inside the hammock because the bug net is spread and lifted using aluminum tent poles. This feature, combined with spreader bars, is also what spreads the bed of the hammock flatter. The hammock system also includes a tarp which wraps around the hammock and doesn’t require more tie off or stake out points. These additions make this whole setup a very versatile hammock tent built for camping. Read All Customer Reviews on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

The Best Backpacking Hammock Tent

ENO JungleLink Hammock Shelter System

ENO JungleLink Backpacking Hammock TentWeight: 3 lbs. 12 oz.
Height Limit: 6 ft.
Capacity: 400 lbs.

The ENO JungleLink Hammock Shelter System is another great value for camping hammock tents and should be your top pick especially if you’re looking for an entry-level hammock tent that can be used for camping or backpacking. There are lighter options to choose from on our list, but when you combine price with quality it comes out near the top.

The JungleLink Shelter System includes the 29 oz. JungleNest hammock with a zippered, integrated bug net. Besides the convenience, the integrated bug net saves on weight when compared to pairing hammocks with a heavier separate net. The hammock is made from one panel of lightweight 210D Nylon Taffeta Ripstop fabric, creating a seamless, comfortable night’s sleep.

Also included is a Pro Fly tarp for weather protection, upgraded, lightweight polyester Atlas Straps, ENO stakes, and a lightweight stuff sack. These additions make this whole setup a very versatile hammock tent built for camping. Read All Customer Reviews on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

The Best Ultralight Backpacking Hammock Tent

Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic

Hennessy Ultralight Backpacking Hammock TentWeight: 1 lb. 15 oz.
Height Limit: 6 ft.
Capacity: 200 lbs.

The Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic is Hennessy’s most popular model for ultralight campers and backpackers. At 1/3 the weight of most other hammock tent systems, it provides comfort and durability for campers and backpackers looking to lighten their load for a little extra money.

The Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker is a three season, gathered end, asymmetric hammock tent with a classic bottom entry with velcro closure. This bottom entry is best suited to warmer, bug infested areas because it prevents fewer bugs from following into the tent. The asymmetric shape allows campers to sleep diagonally across the center line for a flatter sleeping position. The system comes complete with attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, and stuff sack with set up instructions on back. Hennessy Hammock also provides complimentary standard 42″ long “Tree Hugger” webbing straps to protect the bark of trees.

While some don’t like the bottom velcro entry they do find it useful when mosquitoes are out. They also have sent their tents to a company 2Q2Z specifically for a zipper modification to be added which is the best of both worlds. Hennessy hammocks have a great reputation for well built and reliable hammock tents and the Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker is a great camping and backpacking hammock tent for the price. With regards to this specific tent, the Hennessey website includes the following: “We know of one hiker who did 17000 miles (25000 km ) including the triple crown in three years with one Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic.” Read All Customer Reviews on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

The Best 4 Season Camping Hammock Tent

Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock

Clark NX-270 4 Season Camping Hammock TentWeight: 3 lbs. 11 oz.
Height Limit: 6 ft. 10″
Capacity: 300 lbs.

Few, if any, 4 season camping hammock tents can match the versatility of the Clark NX-270. In addition to versatility, the durability and build quality make Clark NX Series hammocks the most respected and popular four-season hammock tents. In addition to being built for the cold, the tent performs extremely well in warmer temperatures and the double bottom serves as extra protection against mosquitoes, adding to it’s versatility.

Clark lists the following features of the hammock tent on their website: “Space-creating, flexible fiberglass poles; water-resistant, breathable WeatherShield; six large pockets underneath hammock bed designed to store gear and provide insulation against the cold; mosquito-resistant bed fabric; two interior pockets for small items; full No-See-Um netting has double zippers for highest level of versatility; 1710 lb. test polypropylene rope; no-tip design; built-in stuff bag system.” In addition, this tent system includes a Sil-nylon Rain Fly XL. For hunters, there is also a Clark NX-270 Camo Version.

Clearly the Clark NX-270 was built for the cold. Clark’s website states: “Every NX-270 comes with two useful cold-weather features: First, the breathable WeatherShield zips in to transform the hammock into an enclosed tent, providing warmth, a wind break, or extra protection from rain and snow. Second, the insulating pocket system keeps you warmer in cold weather, removing the need for insulating pads when camping above 32 degrees F.”

What is more impressive than performance in cold weather, is the versatility provided by the other features. The hammock tent’s tunnel shape provides not only extra stability, but also an easy setup and nice space inside. The integrated bug net allows the tent to be opened up for air flow when the temperatures get warmer. It’s the only hammock tent to make our list that is a true year round, all season tent. The balance of weight with durability and performance make it ideal for campers and backpackers looking for one truly versatile hammock tent. Read All Customer Reviews on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

The Best 2 Person Camping Hammock Tent

Clark Vertex 2-Person Double Hammock

Clark Vertex 2 Person Camping Hammock TentWeight: 5 lbs. 1 oz.
Height Limit: 6 ft. 6″
Capacity: 250 lbs. per bed (recommended) Max Weight: 700 lbs. per bed

The Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock tent with WeatherShield is the only 2 person camping hammock we’d actually ever recommend. Usually we’d recommend camping in 2 separate hammocks under one rainfly. However, the Clark Vertex is different. It features 2 separate hammocks that are enclosed within the same camping tent system providing a bug net and a breathable WeatherShield for privacy and extra protection from cold, wind and moisture. You will need to purchase the Vertex Rain Tarp to be completely protected from all weather, but the actual hammock tent for 2 people is all enclosed in 1 system which is perfect for couples looking to camp together.

Clark describes the hammock on their website: “The patented Clark Vertex is the only lightweight camping hammock that sleeps two campers comfortably. This model includes a breathable WeatherShield that zips over the mosquito netting to create the privacy and warmth of a true tent. Inside, the Vertex features two independent hammock beds and an ample storage compartment that can hold backpacks and items you may need during the night. The Vertex includes two hammock beds that each hang independently while allowing the occupants to share the same tent. The hammock is just as stable as Clark’s other hammocks, so you don’t need to worry if one person gets in or out. In fact, you may not even notice if the other occupant exits the hammock during the night.”

This 2 person hammock tent might be a little heavy for a couple looking for an ultralight backpacking option, it should be your top consideration for a 2 person camping hammock. Read All Customer Reviews on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Important Considerations for Camping Hammock Tents

Value – You can still get quality while saving money and our top pick, the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, represents value and is a nice combination of good quality, durability, and price. Our other options should be considered based on your specific needs and how much money you are willing to spend to meet those requirements.

Durability – Durability goes hand in hand with value and quality. All of our top camping hammock tents are manufactured by companies who stand behind their products. They provide quality lightweight camping hammock tents built to last. Because hammock tents aren’t in direct contact with rocks, roots, and other damaging materials on the ground, the tend to last longer than a traditional tent.

Comfort – The comfort of a hammock cannot be surpassed. They are better for your back and having to choose campsites suitable for sleeping while tent camping becomes irrelevant. In fact, any discomfort can usually be overcome by understanding how to use a hammock properly while camping. The book, The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide To Hammock Camping is the best resource out there for hammock camping and understanding how to properly hang a hammock for the best night sleep. The benefits of the hammock tent to backpackers should not be ignored and by picking the best hammock and understanding how to set it up properly, you will have many restful nights while backpacking and camping.

Weather Performance – All of the camping hammock tents on our list are complete camping systems and were designed to perform well in most weather conditions, keeping you safe, dry and warm. They provide protection against rain, wind and blowing dust, provide airflow in hot weather, and will do quite well when night time temperatures get colder. If you are considering a camping hammock tent for winter camping, you could consider expedition tents, but we feel the Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock is versatile enough for most backpackers considering taking on all 4 seasons.