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The Best Truck Back Seat Mattress

Last Updated on November 25, 2020

Best Truck Back Seat Mattress Quick List

A truck back seat mattress is a great way to maximize space when sleeping in backseat of your truck.  We recommend an inflatable truck air mattress for a back seat option.  The blow up mattresses are much more realistic option for your truck’s back seat for camping or pulling over and taking a rest in your back seat.

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AirBedz Truck Back Seat Air Mattress

Our top pick comes from Pittman Outdoors and is the creator of the “Original” Truck Air Bed, Airbedz.  Rugged and comfortable, the inflatable Rear Seat Truck Air Mattress by AirBedz is the best value combination of price and quality you can buy.

– 60″x35.5″x17.5″
– Portable DC air pump included
– Heavy duty PVC Construction with top flocking comfort
– Utilizes entire rear seat area
– Weight Capacity up to 300 Pounds
– Easy to install and inflate
– Inflatable pillow included

Winterial Back Seat Truck Air Mattress

Winterial makes good quality outdoor gear so we have confidence in recommending their car air mattress as another option.  We like this option because it offers some versatility in a traditional backseat truck mattress.  It has 2 inflatable sections so it can be used in a variety of car, SUV, and truck back seats.  You only inflate the sections you need to inflate to sleep.

– Soft and Comfortable but Tough and Durable for Camping and Traveling.
– Back seat Mattress Comes with Car Air Pump which Easily Inflates Mattress to your desired firmness.
– Mattress has Two Seperate Sections to Best Fit Sedans and SUVs. Blow Up only the Sections you Need to Fill your Backseat or Cargo Area.
– This car air mattress comes With Double-sided Flocked Material with Weatherproof Cold Resistant Features.
– Winterial’s backseat car mattress is made to fit almost All SUVs, truck back seats and Sedans.

HAITRAL Inflatable Truck Air Mattress with Pillows

Made of thick, soft and velvety PVC oxford fabric, this truck back seat air mattress is a good budget option with some nice features including the pillows, carry case and pump.

– Bed Dimension: 35.4*55*17.7 inches (after inflating)
– Durable and strong and Inflatable convenient, Lightweight, easy to carry.
– Includes: 2 pillows.
– Made of thick, soft and velvety PVC oxford fabric.
– Fits most car models, SUVs and trucks.

Onirii Inflatable Truck Back Seat Air Mattress

We like the versatility this backseat truck mattress has.  Rather than using connected bottom gap pads, this air mattress uses 2 separate air piers to fill in the foot space.  This allows this air mattress to be used at home as a spare mattress as well as the truck.  In addition, it includes some other options including pillows and a backrest feature.

– Includes: 1 air bed, 2 air pillows, 1 air pump, 2 air foot Piers, 1 soft travel neck Inflatable pillow, 1 sleep mask, 2 sleep earplugs, 1 repair pad.
– Dimension: 53.1″ x 35.4″ Backrest Dimension: 31.5″ x 19.7″
– Double split pier allows the mattress to fit most model cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks and offers storage inside the piers.
– Car Inflatable Mattress Is Easy To Inflate: Equipped with car power fast charging electric pump for air mattress, 12 volt DC power plug.

QDH SUV Air Mattress and Back Seat Gap Pad

We recommend taking a look at the combination of using a Back Seat Gap Pad and this Back Seat Air Mattress.  The air mattress can be used in a variety of vehicles while the Back Seat Gap Pad offers the support the mattress needs in the foot wells.  If you have both a car and SUV or truck, and are looking for a versatile back seat and SUV air mattress consider this pair.

Back Seat Gap Pad

– QDH SUV Air Mattress is 72.8 x 51.2x 4.7 Inches, fit most cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.  The mattress has three independent inflatable compartments. When used in the back seat only 2 need to be filled.  When used in a truck bed or SUV trunk area, the mattress can be fully inflated.
– A car air pump is provided, which can be connected to the cigarette lighter to inflate quickly when outdoors, and it can be fully charged within 3 minutes. When no longer in use, it can be quickly deflated through the three widened vents. After being folded, it will be put into the storage bag, which is convenient to carry and does not take up space.
– Back Seat Gap Pad: After being inflated, the air cushion fills the back seat area of the car, including the floor.